Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to type something to ease my anxious mode. I have started this journey for a long time in my mind, but never gave myself the chance to really go for it.

Let me tell you about my story. My Bachelor degree was in International Relations. I was happy to be part of it and enjoyed my studies, but always felt like it wasn’t the right are for me. Then I did my masters degree in International Management ( again with International area I know), wrote my thesis about Japanese economy. So far, it sounds like I had the proper education and ready to conquer the world. But still, I felt something missing before I had my Marketing class.

The theories were vague for me as I tend to learn better with examples. In one of the classes, our professor showed us a video about couple of companies from different sectors and their journey in Indian market. One of the companies was Marmite. If you ever  tried Marmite, then you know how unique the taste it. So, the marketing team had a lot to deal with, but they were eager that they will achieve market penetration in India. I don’t want to bore you with all the details. But during Marmite’s journey in that video, the team tried tasting in front of a school to observe kids reaction to the taste. Only a few were ok, but the rest didn’t like the taste at all. The next team did was to observe moms reaction to it, which didn’t went well as well but gave them an idea, an inspiration about the next step. In the end, the team hired a chef, and chef used Marmite as a sauce for pasta. Moms reaction to it was positive. So far, the story went well and I was so inspired by that team and left the class that they like I discovered a new element. I was so inspired by that Marketing team, the way they observed and organized and make strategies based on the result of their observation and be creative.  I felt like it was something that I would love to do. So I did another masters degree on Strategic Brand Management. Guess what my subject was during a class presentation, MARMITE 🙂

Long story short, we all find our interest one way or another. For some lucky people out there, it can be easy and for others like me it takes time and patience is the key.

So, if you think that you still haven’t found your hobby,  an interest in life, be patient it will come to you when you are not expecting it.

Take care my friends.